Super Parenting Powers

As Moms, we often dwell on the things we think we are not succeeding at in parenting. We don’t give ourselves enough credit. Will my toddler develop ADHD because I let him watch an hour of TV a day? That’s my latest fear. So I decided it’s time to throw out those doubts and focus on the success! I need to be a confident mom in order to raise a healthy and confident child.

Moms, Start your own “Super Parenting Powers” List. One a day is all it takes to start focusing on the little things we do everyday. These should be known as your Super Parenting Powers!
Here is my current “Super Parenting Powers” List:

1. I feel successful when I have fed the dog, the baby, and myself each morning.

2. Success is super high when I have had sex with my husband at least 2 x in a week.

3. I feel successful when I have taken a shower in the morning.

4. I am a super parent when I have gone to the gym or worked out in some way at least 1 x in a week.

5. I feel successful when Tucker has not eaten any crap in a day (i.e. cookies, chips, etc.)

6. I feel completely awesome when I don’t use the TV as a babysitter at all in a day.

7. I am ecstatic when I get out of the house with Tucker and go somewhere besides the grocery store or Target.

8. I feel like June Cleaver when I actually cook a new dinner, or cook any dinner.

9. I am so happy when I don’t spend any extra money or buy anything we don’t truly need in a day.

10. I feel like a super model when I have eaten healthy all day long!

Some of these might seem silly to other moms, but to me, each one of them makes me feel powerful when accomplished. By writing them down. I can easily remember and reflect on the things that make me feel good. When I feel good, I parent better. I am happier, which means everyone around me is happier. Things like #2 — Having sex with my husband, might seem like something that I personally can put off because I am tired or lazy, but I know it makes me feel successful, it makes my husband very happy, me pretty happy too, and so therefore it is a Super Parenting Power. Happy parents are the best kind of parents. I try to reflect as much as possible.