How Do I Start a Female Modeling Career?

Before getting into the modeling industry, you have to prepare yourself psychologically for how cut throat it is. Not many super models are willing to relinquish their thrones; so, you will be faced by some opposition. It also could be emotionally draining. This is because you may not be the girl for a long time, All this depends on the trends of the very versatile modeling industry. If all this does not deter you, then you just might have the heart to survive in the industry. The following tips should help you in your journey of becoming a female model.

The first thing any would be female model should do is have a portfolio of her pictures. Your portfolio is what sells you as a brand. And you have to keep in mind at all times that you are a brand. It is advisable to have these pictures taken professionally at reputable photo studios. This way, you will have extremely flattering pictures. In addition, you can employ the use of a make-up artist so that you are depicted in the best light possible. All this may run up a high bill, but always remember that it is an investment in your career as a model.

The second thing you should do is ensure that you are taking care of your health and your skin. Models are not required to be super skinny; they cannot be overweight either. You need to start an exercise regime that you will stick to. This should help you in maintaining the required weight. You also have to watch what you eat. This not only affects your weight but also your skin. You will have to keep away from excess sugar and fats so that your skin does not break out. The third thing you should watch is your teeth. Models have to smile a lot and clients will not want to work with someone with an unattractive dental formula. Keep your pearly whites as they should be; white and pearly!

Always act as a professional. Avoid being tardy and throwing tantrums. Nobody wants to work with someone who is difficult in any industry! This is even more so in the modeling industry because there is always a flood of fresh talent. You could be replaced before you could even say the word “tantrum”! Try to be pleasant always. When a client has a lovely experience working with you, chances are they will call you specifically for repeat jobs. You never know, you may even end up being a designer’s muse. This would be guaranteed work for even four seasons!

Research on the best modeling agencies to sign up with and visit them regularly; hopefully, they will snap you up. You have to do the research because there are numerous fake agencies out there. These will stunt your growth in the industry and possibly even steal your money. The key is to be very vigilant so that you are not taken for a ride when you are new in the industry.

How To Create A Super Model Girlfriend Or Wife Who Is Your Best Friend And Flaming Hot Lover

Step One: Find a fat girl.

Yeah, Jake, you read that right. Just pick up your jaw and keep reading. You’re going to learn something you never considered possible before. Probably because the thought never even entered your mind in the first place as a possibility to begin with. That’s okay. I’ve done all the possibility thinking for you. All you have to do is consider my example and ask yourself if the work is worth the outcome to you.

Obviously, if you’re the kind of guy that looks at women as little more than semen relief valves, then this whole discussion isn’t going to do you much good. You’re probably already very accomplished at the art of smooth talking the sexy ones into giving you what you’re after in the first place so why would you “waste” your time with a FAT GIRL?!

Good question and if you’re one of the above, you can now leave this article. It holds nothing for you. You are dismissed. Return to the singles bar and your meaningless one-night stands.

Now, the rest of you whom have chosen to stay on for this course, let’s get down to brass tacks.

First, I want you to open your eyeballs. You’ve been looking at fat girls with the wrong set of eyes for all these years. You need to take your eyes in for recalibration. You have to look closely now to see something you might have never noticed before.

You might notice this about a lot of the heavier girls out there. You might see that when you really study their faces, you can see that they really do have a pretty face. Sparkling eyes. Shimmering sexy lips. You can even imagine what that pretty face would be like if she were 40 or 50 pounds lighter.

Trapped inside every pretty little fat girl is a raging hot super babe looking to be invited back into the world of the living. She’s dying for a reason to make that commitment. She probably even has a part of her life when she was a raging hot super babe and has pictures hidden somewhere that proves it. But something happened to her. Her heart was broken, somebody – probably one of the “real men” we’ve already dismissed from this article above – took advantage of her in some diabolically cruel way and the experience sent her down this road of binge eating and self-destructive habits that has landed her in the prison she’s in today.

Starting today, I want you all to start walking around your world and noticing the fat girls in particular. Use your newly calibrated eyeballs and look until you can see what it is I’m telling you about. You’ll start gaining an appreciation and a curiosity about these women. You’ll probably start noticing that these kinds of women already inhabit the familiar places of your life already, at work, at school, in your church, at the restaurant or bar you frequent. They’re everywhere once you start looking for them.

Step Two: Make a New Friend with a fat girl.

What any pretty little fat girl wants more than anything else in this world is to be noticed, to be appreciated, to be loved, to be paid some desperately longed for attention, and to be listenedto. God, they just want somebody to talk to, to pour out their feelings to, someone who won’t judge or be critical. Just listen. I’ve noticed, that across the board, women in general complain the most about the men in their lives not listening to them. Really hearing the words and feelings that are coming out of their mouths. I know a lot of females are probably reading this right now, so girls, please, tell me I’m wrong.

Yeah, I thought so. I’m not perfect at this skill, after all I am still a man, but I’m better at it than most. And when I get it wrong, I’ll be the first to admit I’m wrong and make it right.

Whatever you have to do to do it, make the approach and strike up a conversation. Waiting in line is a good place. At the coffee spot in the bookstore, excellent place. At the mall. At the grocery store. In the parking lot. The venue doesn’t matter as long as you make contact and start a conversation.

Maintain eye contact and smile and listen. Get her to talk about herself. That’s the goal. Forget about you. She’s the center of the universe. She’s going to ask you questions about yourself, just answer them truthfully then steer the conversation back into her court, ask questions designed to get her back into talking about herself. What she likes, what she believes, what she dreams. Pretty soon she’s going to be pouring her heart out to you and is going to be associating all these wonderful feelings with the conversation she’s having with you.

Don’t ever talk about her weight. Don’t bring it up. Act like she’s an attractive, interesting woman (which she is when you use your new set of eyeballs) and if the weight thing comes up, you let her bring it up.

When she brings up the weight problem, don’t agree that she’s overweight or fat. No. Tell her that she’s got a beautiful face, sparkling jewels for eyes, and a mouth that is downright screaming to be kissed. Tell her that you see a very pretty, sexy girl in her. That she can be that sexy girl anytime she wants to make the decision to let that girl out again.

When she damns herself as being fat and ugly, counter with the observation that she’s sexy and pretty and attractive…that she’s a sexy, slim girl who has just gotten a little bit out of shape. Nothing that can’t be fixed with the right mind set, a better diet, and some good fun empowering exercise.

You might have to make several contacts with several different women to find the one that’s hungering for a man to talk to her like this, to encourage her to become the beautiful babe that up until now she’s had no reason to become. Give her that reason. Be the inspiration that lights her fire.

Start spending all your free time with her. If you’ve found the right fat girl, she’s a joy to be with. She’s your best friend in the world. When you are alone all you can think about is running around with her having fun, holding hands, laughing at each others quirks and behaviors.

Conspire to do lots of outdoor activities with this special girl. Take her on long walks hand in hand. Take her hiking. Find some good vigorous terrain and take that girl hiking up one mountain and down the back side then up another one. You’ll wear her out in the best way and you’ll be contributing to her losing the weight in a fun, healthy manner.

Step Three: The Miracle To Behold

By now, she’ll be well on her way to shedding the pounds. You’ll see a different woman every day, changing, morphing, perking up like a wilted flower that’s just been given the blast of water that brings her back from the edge of oblivion.

I’m telling you, this transformation is the most incredible journey you will ever take. To watch this woman change so dramatically and know that she is going through this because of the encouragement and attention you’ve been showing her. And you’ll love her and cherish her as the treasure she is all the more having been with her through this, from start to finish. Holding hands all the way.

You will be a Hero to this girl. A real-life Prince Charming, knight in shining armor, and she will be ready, willing, and asking you to tell her what kind of girl she can be for you. And no matter what your ideal in this department is, as thunder comes after lightning, she’ll probably be eager to step into that role. You’ll have carte blanche to write that script. So write a good one.

She will be your real-life fantasy girl. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I know. I’ve been down this road. Just once, because she’s a keeper. And she’s been my dirty little fantasy girl and she’s my best friend. It’s been the best of times and I can’t imagine my life now without her.

That is all.