Modeling Auditions – How to Be a Super Model

Modeling careers are in great demand and there are many who want to shine in their modeling auditions. However, such auditions can be scary events especially if you are not well prepared. The first and foremost rule while facing such an interview is to believe in yourself. Having an air of confidence is important while entering the audition room and facing the judges. This is something that the judges will surely notice, which in turn will help to set you apart.

It is essential to show the judges that you are worthy in order to win the audition. You will need to show your talent. Make sure that whatever you are good at should come across in your audition. However, just be you and let your confidence shine. Also try to show them why they need you and try to think of something which will differentiate you from your competitors.

Modeling auditions also involve looks, apart from talent. However, the type of look depends on what you will be modeling for. Thereby, it is better to do some research about the assignment before coming for the audition and dress accordingly. It will help you to get it right on the day.

It is good to be confident, but overconfidence can ruin everything. While in your audition, never approach with the attitude that you will definitely get the assignment or you are the best. Always remember that there will be fierce competition out there. So be confident, by all means, but don’t act as if the judges have already chosen you.

On the contrary, feeling under-confident and extremely nervous is a combination of factors, which can even win an audition for you. It is your personality that they waiting to see. Thereby, show them the “true you”. Just remember to go in with the right attitude and you will be in at getting the job with a great shot.

However, modeling auditions can sometimes be extremely different. It usually depends on the individual requirements and what you are auditioning for. In most of the situations you can adapt the above mentioned points. Also remember to do a little research beforehand and prepare accordingly. In case you are unsuccessful in some of these modeling auditions, don’t give up. Just keep trying and you can easily get better with time.

Some tips for baby modeling auditions:

  • As parents, you will play the most important role in building the confident level of your child. If your child is shy, gently encourage him/ her for the audition.
  • Never interfere with the casting agents and acting teachers.
  • It is better to do some research about the casting company before going to such baby modeling auditions.

A Review of the Safari Wild Safari Dinos Edmontosaurus Model

The only representative of the Hadrosaurs in the Safari model series known as Wild Safari Dinos is the recently introduced model of an Edmontosaurus. Measuring seventeen centimetres in length, this nicely painted model of a duck-billed dinosaur is one of just a handful of new model introductions from the mainstream dinosaur model makers this year. Surprising to see that it has taken a number of years to introduce a replica of Edmontosaurus into the American based Safari range, as this dinosaur is one of the best known plant-eating dinosaurs in North America.

The name means “lizard from Edmonton”, reflecting the fact that several fossils of these dinosaur fossils have been found in and around the Canadian city of Edmonton. Indeed, fossilised bones of this large Hadrosaur were even found in a recent sewer excavation as engineers dug through fossil bearing rock to lay the various types of sewage pipe.

Edmontosaurus a Contemporary of the Last of the Tyrannosaurs

Edmontosaurus was named and described by the famous Canadian palaeontologist Lawrence Lambe in 1917. This dinosaur had at first been named Claosaurus, but Lawrence Lambe studied this duck-billed dinosaur in detail and following his research the animal was renamed Edmontosaurus. This dinosaur was one of the last duck-billed dinosaurs to evolve; it was also one of the largest with adults reaching lengths comparable to Tyrannosaurus rex (which was the main predator of Edmontosaurus). A peaceful plant-eater, these dinosaurs lived in vast herds and their fossils have been found in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota in the USA as well as Alberta. There have even been fossil finds of this dinosaur in the far north of Alaska, it must have been one of the most common of the large herbivores around at the end of the Cretaceous Period.

The Edmontosaurus Model by Safari

A number of new additions have been added to the Safari Wild Dinos range this year. We fear that this excellent model may have been somewhat overlooked by dinosaur fans and collectors after all the excitement and fuss over the introduction of the super model of the prehistoric crocodile – Kaprosuchus in the same model series.

At seventeen centimetres long, this replica is nicely proportioned and the sculptors have made sure to make the tail quite broad and deep – reflecting the latest scientific interpretation of the Edmontosaurus fossil material. The colouration is mainly a sandy brown but with darker bands down the flanks. The head shows lots of detail and the model is portrayed in a four-footed pose with the flexible neck bent a little backwards, as if this dinosaur is turning round to make sure it can still see other members of its herd.

The Wild Safari Dinos model range contains a wide range of quality replicas, not just dinosaurs but Pterosaurs and other prehistoric animals. This new Edmontosaurus is a super duck-billed dinosaur model and should prove to be popular with professional model collectors.

Super Parenting Powers

As Moms, we often dwell on the things we think we are not succeeding at in parenting. We don’t give ourselves enough credit. Will my toddler develop ADHD because I let him watch an hour of TV a day? That’s my latest fear. So I decided it’s time to throw out those doubts and focus on the success! I need to be a confident mom in order to raise a healthy and confident child.

Moms, Start your own “Super Parenting Powers” List. One a day is all it takes to start focusing on the little things we do everyday. These should be known as your Super Parenting Powers!
Here is my current “Super Parenting Powers” List:

1. I feel successful when I have fed the dog, the baby, and myself each morning.

2. Success is super high when I have had sex with my husband at least 2 x in a week.

3. I feel successful when I have taken a shower in the morning.

4. I am a super parent when I have gone to the gym or worked out in some way at least 1 x in a week.

5. I feel successful when Tucker has not eaten any crap in a day (i.e. cookies, chips, etc.)

6. I feel completely awesome when I don’t use the TV as a babysitter at all in a day.

7. I am ecstatic when I get out of the house with Tucker and go somewhere besides the grocery store or Target.

8. I feel like June Cleaver when I actually cook a new dinner, or cook any dinner.

9. I am so happy when I don’t spend any extra money or buy anything we don’t truly need in a day.

10. I feel like a super model when I have eaten healthy all day long!

Some of these might seem silly to other moms, but to me, each one of them makes me feel powerful when accomplished. By writing them down. I can easily remember and reflect on the things that make me feel good. When I feel good, I parent better. I am happier, which means everyone around me is happier. Things like #2 — Having sex with my husband, might seem like something that I personally can put off because I am tired or lazy, but I know it makes me feel successful, it makes my husband very happy, me pretty happy too, and so therefore it is a Super Parenting Power. Happy parents are the best kind of parents. I try to reflect as much as possible.