8 Myths About Talent Management Modelling Squashed

Everybody has preconceptions about talent management modelling and the industry, some of these beliefs can be purely based on myths. We will take a look at eight of these myths.

– You need to be tall, skinny and extremely beautiful to be a model. In the modelling industry there are a lot of different aspects that you can become involved in, including, petite, plus size, mature, promotional and models of a specific body part like hands.

– Even the best talent managers and agencies cannot guarantee that you will land any modelling jobs. Even though the use of talent management modelling increases the probability, landing jobs are still based on the choices of the clients.

– The modelling industry is safe. Most agencies try their best to ensure that every job they get the models are legit, but they cannot guarantee that all of them will be.

– You will be rich. The modelling industry is a dog eat dog world. Even though there are super rich super models around, the average model will only make enough money to live on. Do not expect a modelling career to make you rich.

– You need classes to succeed in the industry. Classes can be a valuable tool you can use to boost your career in the industry but it is not necessary. Some models cannot afford to go to these classes and yet they are good models. Agencies often prefer to sign models that have no formal training. Talent management modelling often requires the models to take additional acting and modelling classes.

– All you have to do to get the jobs is show up. Every model that is worth the money spent on them knows this is not true. If you are not a famous model you will need to prepare for open calls and perform well to get these jobs. Simply showing up at the casting will not land you the job.

– You will see the world. This is only true if you are booked for an international shoot or if you are a talent management modelling superstar. Most models only work at local locations. You need to be an exceptional model or land a big deal to get you into the traveling zone of modelling.

– The clients pay for everything. Some clients do but others require that you supply the wardrobe, makeup and styling for a shoot. This means you might have to pay for pedicures and manicures from your own budget.

From Teen Girl with Recurring Acne and a Dream to Super Model and Super Entrepreneur

Like many young girls, Jennifer Flavin Stallone dreamed about the glamorous lifestyle of a fashion model–meeting celebrities, traveling to exotic places, and shopping in the finest stores. By conventional wisdom, it probably should have remained just a dream. After all, she was one of seven children whose father died when she was only 12 and whose mother struggled to provide even the basics for her family. However, Jennifer chose to go beyond the limitations of conventional wisdom. Blessed with both natural beauty and an unswerving determination, Jennifer Flavin set out to make her mark in the competitive world of modeling.

The one real threat to her success, though, was her recurring acne. Despite all kinds of cleansers and diets and cover-ups, despite scrubbing her skin raw, despite everything she tried, Jennifer still experienced the humiliation and hardship of being turned away from some modeling jobs because of her acne. The development of the Seriesse product line started with finding a solution that worked for Jennifer and then grew into a line of products that has been a top-selling brand on television for over twelve years.
Taking the success of her initial line, which includes acne control, anti-aging, daily maintenance, and more. Jennifer Flavin Stallone and her group of engineers have discovered NVesse-24. NVesse 24 is a unique blend of ingredients included in Seriesse’s serums, creams and oils that creates a breathable moisture barrier between the environment and the skin. This invisible shield locks in moisture (up to 20x its weight!) and defends the skin from the environment. Ms. Flavin Stallone’s NVesse 24 also helps protect the other beneficial ingredients found inside the skin care products from degrading when exposed to heat, oxygen, and light. This within itself sets Seriesse apart from its competitors.

New product introductions coming in September are the long awaited addition of Glyco essentials to the Seriesse product line, Firmesse which is a compliment to our popular Insta-tox, Firmesse is our face lift in a bottle. A new Seriesse skin care line called S.I. uplift will make its debut, complete with an eye crème, face crème, and a serum! And a new category introduction is on the agenda. S.I. Zero Fade color decending shampoo and conditioner. Sylvester Stallone’s SFORCE will also be joining forces with Seriesse.
Seriesse uses the most advanced technology, offering live web casts to show product demonstrations, training, etc…There are also weekly conference calls Bob Circosta and Laurie Rubidge are two well-known and distinguished speakers worldwide. They have spoken around the world teaching techniques in sales and network marketing. Seriesse also offers Seriesse Live, which are on air presentations over the internet. Seriesse’s support team is very focused motivating and aiding their ever-growing team of Independent Consultants.

With a proven product line, Seriesse International supplies their consultants with the very best tools, technology, & commissions available. The Seriesse Successplan is one of the most rewarding in network marketing today.

Seriesse is scheduled to launch officially October 20th-21st in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. Many new surprises will be revealed and all consultants are invited to attend at a highly discounted rate. The Stallone’s are truly Serious when it comes to Seriesse.

How NOT to Have the Body of a Super-Model

Based on research performed by the Kellogg’s Corporation and published by the Opinion Research Corporation, women living in the U.S. identify their recommended body shape and size from the way television models and fashion models look instead of the way women should look in reality.

Unfortunately, most women are obsessed with their weight and appearance, motivated by a culture which establishes a bogus standard for beauty centered on the way fashion models appear. Women also feel that how they’re labeled by men and by each other advance the idea of an ideal women, one whom they know they will never be able to match.

The survey conducted by Kellogg’s observed that women have a tendency to place emphasis on the particular body parts they do not like instead of on their body in its entirety. They may perhaps be comfortable with their hair color and feel themselves tall enough. However, only about 14 percent of the women in the survey were comfortable with the story as told by their bathroom scale.

Nearly one third of the women interviewed stated that a woman’s perfect weight is between 110 and 125 pounds, and one half agreed that a weight somewhere between 126 and 145 is optimal. In reality though, an ideal weight does not exist. This is due to the fact that folks come in different sizes and shapes as result of genetic programming.

The fact that there are so many women intimidated when it comes to their perceived body image isn’t surprising. The fashion models we see on TV don’t look anything like the average woman. The truth is if you stop and consider the issue for a moment, it’s the fashion models who fail to conform to the standards of the typical women, instead of the opposite being true.

Only 1 in 40,000 women can boast of having a body like a super model! This ratio indicates that given the total population of Indiana having more than 6 million residents for instance, a grand total of 152 women have super model bodies.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to quit judging yourself and your weight based on unrealistic numbers and perceptions of how you think you should look based on other people. Even if you starve yourself, you are probably not going to wake up with the body of a supermodel anytime soon.

So stop beating yourself up for not being able to live up to artificial standards that are obviously unachievable and focus on the actions you can do to help to make your body healthy. And start to feel great about your improvement as well.