Model Camila Alves Success Secrets – Brazilian Super Model Makes it Big in the USA

Brazilian super model Camila Alves makes it big in the USA and lives her dreams!

While waiting to get a haircut today I noticed a People magazine talking about model Camila Alves and boyfriend Matthew McConaughey preparing to have a baby. What I liked most however was Camila’s personal life story.

When she was only a teenager, Camila came to visit the United States with her mother. Immediately, Camila knew she didn’t want to go back to Brazil. So for a few years she slept on a relatives couch and worked two jobs. Camila opened a Mexican restaurant by day and during the evenings was employed at an Italian restaurant.

When she finally got to New York, the modeling agencies she initially visited weren’t interested in her. Nevertheless Camila persevered and eventually got her first modeling job. The rest is history.

What success secrets can young ladies and aspiring models learn from Camila?

1. Sacrifice is a prerequisite to success.

Camila left her family and friends in Brazil to pursue a modeling career in the USA. It was no small sacrifice and was very costly. She had to endure sleeping on a couch, culture shock in a foreign country, and being without the financial support of family in Brazil.

2. Hold to your vision no matter what others say to you.

Despite initial rejection, Camila pushed on and believed in herself. As a result her dream is now a reality. Never bury your dreams beneath your disappointments. Only believe and you will see the glory of God.

3. Be willing to do whatever it takes en route to your personal promised land.

Camila wasn’t too proud to resist working typical jobs to sustain herself financially until her dream job materialized. She worked at restaurants and showed herself humble, willing to begin from the ground up. Humility opens God’s heart to favor you as you purpose to do that which is right.

Remember there are many tempting parking spaces on the road to success.

Pay the price, sacrifice, don’t be distracted, focus on your dreams, and eventually your hard work will meet opportunity.

Child Super Models – Find an Agent in 3 Simple Steps

Doesn’t every mom think their kid is cute as a button and could be a child super models?

Did you know that a child super model can earn millions of dollars every year? That’s what children of every age are doing by appearing in television commercials and movies.

Could your child be next?

If you are constantly being told how beautiful your baby or child is, perhaps it’s time to talk to an agent about getting started in the profitable business of modeling

Here are 3 Simple Steps to Find a Child Model Agent:

1) Make any size copy of a recent photo of your child. A nice recent 4 x 6 snapshot of your baby/child will do. You don’t need to spend money on professional photos. Child model agents agree that babies and children change too quickly.

On the back, be sure to write your child’s name, birth date, contact number, height, weight, hair color & eye color.

2) Include a short note about your child & what you are interested in pursuing. (modeling, commercials, film, etc.)

3) Then mail out to prospective, licensed agents.

I would also attach a well-written cover letter. For example, tell an interesting or funny story that will make your child stand out.

Agents get hundreds of pictures daily so the competition is fierce… but it’s worth the effort.

Especially if your child is able to pay for her own college tuition being a child super model! Or maybe even a trip to Walt Disney World.

You might also want to use an online modeling website to put your child’s picture and information about modeling interests to get worldwide exposure.

So where do you find a list of licensed agents in your area?

There is a company that has been in business since 1992 and has done all of the hard work for you by compiling a list of licensed modeling agents.

You can buy preprinted mailing lists that are updated daily. Plus, easy to mail peel and stick labels.

For less than you’d pay to go out to dinner, you can help jumpstart your child’s modeling and acting career – right now!

Lists are a very reasonable $16.95 and Peel & Stick labels are $19.95.

If there’s not a list for where you live… there are NO modeling agents in my small town… a list of New York or Los Angeles will work just fine.

They hire child super models from all over the country.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting your child in modeling or acting, now might be the time to give it a try.

It’s a lot of fun and it doesn’t cost you much – except maybe some time.

How Do I Become a Model? What Every Aspiring Model Should Know

Thousands of dollars per hour in earnings, VIP treatment, celebrity status, glitz and glamour – these are just some of the things which are associated with being a model. Although it is true that some super models do enjoy these perks and more, most of them did start from the very bottom of the pack. Creating a portfolio; going through endless auditions; having “go-sees” or castings for photographers, runway shows and editorials with selective clients; and suffering through rejections are all part of a day’s work in the life of an aspiring model.

What it Takes to Become a Professional Model

It may look like a glamorous job for those who are seeing the end products of the photo shoots on the pages of a magazine – but there’s a lot of hard work involved, especially as far as the models are concerned.

But what if you feel that modeling is the only job for you? If you really want to be a part of a model’s world and you have the basic qualifications to be one, then there should be no stopping you from achieving your goal.

First things first: do a self-assessment. Do you think that you have what it takes to become a professional model? This may have something to do with your age, height, looks and body type. There’s also more than one possibility when it comes to the type of model that you can be so don’t worry if you don’t have a reed-thin body. Glamour, pin-up, fashion, runway are the usual types of models. However, you can also be a plus-size model, a catalog model and you can even be a body parts model!

How to Become a Model

Now, after doing a self-assessment, the next thing that you need to do is put your plan of becoming a model into action. If you don’t have a portfolio yet, create one. Or, for those who have not had professional shots of themselves taken yet – invest in a good set of 8×10 photographs.

At the very least, you should have one head shot and one full body shot of yourself taken at a professional photographer’s studio. This would show the clients or the modeling agencies just how serious you are at getting your shot to becoming the next supermodel.

Finally, make sure to distribute your photos to the right contacts. This could be a direct client scouting for a super model, or it could be a modeling agency which in turn will set you up with clients. Setup an appointment with them, be professional, prepare for any meetings, auditions and go-sees. To sum it all up, treat modeling as a ‘real’ job and you should be good to go.